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colorboxes1.      What is Sound Masking?

Sound masking is the process of adding a low level, unobtrusive background sound to an environment to reduce the intelligibility of human speech and reduce noise distractions in that environment.


 2.    How Does It Work?

Sound masking is barely noticeable and sounds similar to airflow, but it’s specifically tuned to the frequency and amplitude of human speech to make speech less intelligible.

  • The sound is introduced through speakers installed in the ceiling creating a blanket of sound.
  • Sound masking typical reduces the area where speech is intelligible and distracting from upwards of 50 feet to around 15 feet. So workers can still collaborate with their neighbors but are no longer being distracted by conversations on the other side of the office.

Not Just For Open Offices!

Although often used to reduce noise distractions and protect speech privacy in office environments, sound masking also provides an affordable and effective solution to many of the challenges facing by the healthcare industry.

For instance, in hospitals, sound masking helps patients get a good night’s sleep by reducing noise and distractions. The results are increased HCAHPS scores and an overall improvement in the patient experience. In the clinical environment, sound masking provides a key element to HIPAA compliance by reducing the intelligibility of conversations in order to protect patient confidentiality.

Sound masking is also used to protect speech privacy in the following industries and environments:

  • Hospitality: guest rooms, lobby areas, spas
  • Government and Law: secured facilities, courtrooms, law offices
  • Technology: engineering labs, co-share spaces, design studios
  • Finance: call centers, retail banks, board rooms

Education: research laboratories student centers, libraries

Venues: houses of worship, conference centers, airport lounges

The #1 Sound Masking Provider!


Executone is proud to be a certified masking partner for Cambridge Sound Management, the world’s largest provider of sound masking solutions.

Optional Targeted Treatments:

  • Although typically installed throughout a workplace, sound masking can also be used as a targeted speech protection solution.

Conference Rooms


The Qt® Conference Room Edition from Cambridge Sound Management is a cost-effective solution specifically designed to protect the speech privacy of conversations in conference and board rooms. It consists of a control module, two lighted privacy signs, and a series of direct-field sound masking emitters. When a room occupant turns on the control module inside of the conference room, it powers the sound masking emitters placed in the ceiling just outside of the conference room. The emitters add a low level of background sound making human speech less intelligible. Lighted privacy signs inside and outside of the conference room indicate the system is running, and let conference room occupants know their conversations are being protected.

Medical Offices


Privacy should be part of the entire patient experience, but in most waiting rooms, reception areas, and pharmacy counters, speech privacy is virtually nonexistent. Patients often overhear conversations between office personnel and other patients. In addition to being a HIPAA violation, this fosters a negative patient experience where patients feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, and potentially less likely to have frank conversations with caregivers and staff.

The Qt® Patient Privacy System is a speech protection system designed for medical office waiting areas, exam rooms, and pharmacies. It consists of a control module, two lighted privacy signs, and a series of direct-field sound masking emitters. The intuitive control module can be installed in a reception desk, behind a pharmacy counter, or mounted to a wall. Once turned on, the emitters installed in the ceiling add a low level of background sound into the space that makes human speech less intelligible. Lighted privacy signs turn on to indicate the system is running, and let patients know that conversations are being protected.


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