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Real-time Locating for Safety and Efficiency

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We’re making it safer and easier for staff to work in the healthcare environment. As a certified system integrator for the Versus Real-time Locating System (RTLS), we offer the complete line of Versus Visibility™ solutions to help staff locate patients, critical equipment and colleagues in times of need.

As a clinical location, automation and awareness tool, Versus Visibility supports what you do with patients. The RTLS combines accurate locating technology with sophisticated software to enable caregivers and administrators to view, share and report on location information.

Used in more than 700 facilities for accurate locating of patients, staff and equipment, the Versus RTLS is a combination Infrared (IR) and RFID system that doesn’t interfere with existing networks. Versus is safe to use around patients and medical devices and provides low total cost of ownership by leveraging existing nurse call infrastructure.

Johns Hopkins chooses Versus IR RFID over Wi-Fi
In an interview with Healthcare Informatics, Mike McCarty, Johns Hopkins’ Chief Network Officer, detailed the hospital’s rigorous RTLS selection process. He said Wi-Fi technology was not sufficiently accurate to pinpoint patient locations during their simulations. “The only way to remedy that is to add more access points, which we were not willing to do,” he said.

Nurse Call Bridge

Support and validate patient care through automation

Integrate your nurse call system with RTLS

The Versus RTLS can be fully integrated to your Nurse Call system—not only reducing implementation costs, but delivering greater efficiency and patient satisfaction through automatic call cancellation and nurse registry, plus automatic documentation of patient and staff interaction.

If your call system isn’t automated, nurses have to manually cancel patient calls by pressing a button at the headwall. Integrate with Versus RTLS, and a call is cancelled by the nurse simply appearing in the room. The RTLS will note the nurse’s presence and time-stamp her arrival to support and validate patient care. Many facilities have found Versus reports useful in countering complaints that no one had checked on a patient.

Leverage your existing RTLS infrastructure
If your nurse call system is already integrated with the Versus RTLS, simply add the software solutions below and leverage your existing network for enhanced safety, efficiency and ROI.


Versus Visibility™ Staff Assist

Give staff the ability to call for help—anytime, anywhere

Help is just a button push away with Versus Visibility Staff Assist

To help provide a safer work environment as directed by the 2009 Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goal, we offer the mobile, location-aware Staff Assist solution. When in need of assistance, staff simply press the button on their Versus badge, which in turn alerts security and/or other nurses. This helps protect staff in unsafe situations and ensures that if they need help with a patient, their location is immediately communicated. This solution may also be integrated to the facility’s paging system or other systems, such as CCTV, cameras or door-lock mechanisms.

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Versus Visibility™ Companion

Instantly know where your patients, colleagues and equipment are 24/7

Versus Visibility Companion Floorplan View

Easily integrated to your existing Nurse Call system, the Visibility Companion solution provides a “bird’s eye view” of all badge-wearing personnel on a nursing unit map. Also included are List Views of staff locations so that colleagues can quickly and easily locate one another.

For maximum functionality, Visibility Companion can be deployed with a full analytics package (sold separately), providing automated data collection and reporting of required metrics, such as room rounding.

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Versus Visibility™ Asset Tracking

No more wasted time searching for equipment

Versus Visibility Asset Tracking

The ability to quickly locate equipment is much needed in the healthcare environment. Nurses and technicians can spend up to two hours a day—each—looking for mobile equipment. An accurate RTLS system reduces this to mere seconds.

Why is Asset Tracking so important?

  • Equipment is expensive, so it’s in short supply. You don’t want to purchase or lease equipment if you don’t have to.
  • Equipment is used often, so it’s hard to keep track of. Some equipment is life-saving, critical-need equipment, so wasting time looking for it puts patients (and the hospital) at risk.
  • A decrease in equipment to patient time can increase patient satisfaction, impacting HCAHPS scores.

Learn more about Asset Tracking »

If you would like to learn more about how RTLS can help support safety, efficiency and higher HCAHPS scores in your clinical environment, contact us today!

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